Casio Men's PAW1500Y-1 Pathfinder Multi-Band Solar Atomic Digital Watch Review

Published: 11th June 2010
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Fully-loaded with modern, high-tech functions, the Casio Men's Amazon Exclusive Pathfinder Multi-Band Solar Atomic Digital Watch is the ideal timepiece for the active man. With the case, bezel, and bracelet made of durable, black resin, this sporty watch also features easy-to-use, one-button push functions for an altimeter, barometer, and compass. The black dial displays a digital time and calendar display along with moon phase and tide graph. The eco-friendly watch is powered by solar energy so there's no need for a battery. Plus, it features Japanese quartz movement for accurate timekeeping and is water resistant to 660 feet (200 meters). With a comfortable, resin bracelet with buckle and a scratch-resistant mineral window, the Casio Men's Amazon Exclusive Pathfinder Multi-Band Solar Atomic Digital Watch is perfect for the office or just about anywhere in the world. I determined Casio was the way to go pretty quickly. I found this watch and it pegged the 5 star meter on my first 5 requirements. If you can locate a watch that crams more functions into a watch let me know. Navigation of the functions is made easy by offering lots of different buttons to press (more fun)! This watch is genuinely black on black...Way too sweet! The reverse lcd is so unique that it's the only way to go. Make no mistake...This is a large watch, but is is so light weight and designed (aesthetically) so well that it doesn't look or feel obnoxious. You can actually wear this gadget for casual functions...Not just hiking mountains. Thanks to AMAZON's sale price ($285) it met requirement #5. As for my obsession with metal bands, well, this strap/watch combination made me overlook about all that. In fact this watch would be ruined by a metal band. The strap matches and syncs perfectly with the watch. This one is a keeper. I will mention a few small negatives for a complete review. The reverse lcd works exceptionally well outside and in well lit areas, but is challenging to see in low light (just means you get to press another button to light the display with a neat blue/green color). The bezel ring does rotate way too simply (just means you get to touch the watch some more). The Casio Men's PAW1500Y-1 Pathfinder Multi-Band Solar Atomic Digital Watch can light up when tilted 40 degrees towards you. It is light weight yet solidly made.The tide level, altimeter and barometric displays are terrific. There is nothing on the watch or the band to scratch or catch on arm hair.The time can be viewed at about any angle. Buttons are generous and solid. Not poor quality and tiny.The reverse coloring is what makes this Casio watch what it is. Buy this watch...You won't regret it!

Today, Casio is focusing its efforts on solar-powered radio-controlled watches: The built-in solar battery eliminates the nuisance of replacing batteries, and the radio-controlled function means users never have to reset the time. The radio-controlled function represents a revolution in time-keeping technology similar to the impact created when mechanical watches gave way to quartz technology. Through the further development of high radio-wave sensitivity, miniaturization, and improved energy efficiency, Casio continues to create a whole range of radio-controlled models.

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